How are the products fixed in place?

Enviro Rubber products such as playground pavers or wheelchair ramps do not need to be glued down or stapled to the existing flooring because they are heavy enough to stay in place. They are simply placed side by side in the chosen area and trimmed to fit the space.

Do they slide around?

Our products will not slide around as they weigh a substantial amount. For example, the playground pavers weigh about 10 kilograms each so will not move around due to everyday use such as children running and jumping.

Are they waterproof?

Rubber is waterproof and easy to clean. It will remain relatively unchanged in a wide range of environments and weather conditions.

Are they non-slip?

Our products are designed for frequent daily use by foot and vehicle traffic. We expect our rubber mats to be treated like any other static floor rubber mats. We also provide anti-trip edges on most of our flooring and anti-fatigue mats as required.

Can you use the products outside?

Yes. They are waterproof and highly weather resistant. They will remain relatively unchanged in a wide range of weather conditions and environments.

Do your products adhere to Australian Standards?

Yes. Our wheelchair ramps are manufactured to Australian Standards 1428. 1-2009. Builders can be assured that the ramps have the correct incline to ensure safety and ease of use. Our wheelchair ramps are used widely in aged-care facilities, accessible buildings and private homes.

How long do your products last?

Rubber sourced from recycled tyres is very durable so everything we manufacture is long lasting. With reasonable and sensible care, our products should last forever! Rubber doesn’t break down. So your playground pavers or wheelchair ramps should still be here fulfilling their purpose when we have gone.

Are they colourfast?

Enviro Rubber is weather resistant but, like most outdoor items, will fade over time. It depends on whether the product is in direct sunlight and the amount of exposure it receives.

Do you make brightly coloured matting for play areas?

Yes. Our standard playground matting or pavers are black. However, we have the ability to customise colours and/or add speckles for areas such as play spaces.

Do these products require a professional for installation?

No. Enviro Rubber goods can be installed by a homeowner or handyman. They just need to be fitted in place and do not require stabling, gluing or any other adhesives.