Enviro Rubber offers a completely customisable and made-to-measure service for  wheelchair ramps. Our rubber products range including gymnasium and playground pavers, cable and hose protectors and speed humps come in standard sizes but we are also more than happy to consult with you on providing a specifically designed product to ensure all needs are met.


Enviro Rubber is proud of its workmanship and the quality of its products. We guarantee every single article we make for both manufacturing and performance integrity. There is a high possibility that you will have seen our rubber flooring products in playgrounds, workplaces, homes, gymnasiums, roads, driveways and car parks. Our goods are of a quality that generates repeat business through overwhelming success and referrals, rather than periodic product replacement. We are committed to making the finest quality recycled-rubber flooring products possible to suit the needs of our customers perfectly.


Our rubber products are made from 100 per cent recycled tyres. With more than 18 million tyres discarded every year across Australia, we feel it’s in the best interests of the environment that we attempt to reuse these materials as much as possible. Rubber is a very strong and durable product that also happens to be quite malleable to almost any shape and size. This makes it perfect for the intense physical punishment our products receive from consistent human and mechanical traffic. From our custom gym pavers to our industrial-strength cable protectors and speed humps, you can be sure our products will go the distance.


We’re always experimenting and looking for new applications for our products to both grow our business and promote recycling and reuse. Our clients appreciate our positive environmental attitude – an environmentally friendly option that performs ensures everyone is satisfied!

Browse our catalogue of standard items to see what suits your needs best. If you have any questions or you need a solution for a residential or commercial hazard, please don’t hesitate to contact us online or call our friendly and helpful staff on (03) 9909 5371.