Cable Protectors Hose Down Work Safety Concerns

Maintaining a clear path and reducing trip hazards for employees and machinery (or the unassuming public) is an extremely important part of maintaining the safety of your workplace or worksite. It’s also important to ensure the safety and security of the cables and hoses themselves – one tear could expose an electrical current, leak harmful liquid or both!

Our Enviro cable and hose protectors are a simple and efficient approach to achieve safety in offices, workshops, event sites and public places – whether temporary or permanent. They reduce the risk of damage and injury associated with tripping on cables and hoses.

These Enviro protectors are built tough from 100 per cent recycled rubber tyres and adhere to government regulated Workplace and Occupational Health and Safety regulations (WHS and OHS).

Easily Assembled

Our cable and hose protectors are lightweight and easy to handle, with each segment of the unit interlocking with the next to ensure a seamless cordoned channel. Not only will this provide safety from trips, it will also provide organisation of your cables or hoses and prevent them from being damaged.

Customisable Cable Protectors

We offer a standard unit size of 1000mm long x 350mm wide x 75mm high with an 80mm wide x 50mm high channel for the cables to pass through.

Envirorubber Cable Protector

Product Features

To find out more about our cable and hose protectors or to order some for your workplace now, contact us online or phone (03) 9909 5371 to speak with our knowledgeable staff.