Envirorubber Car Park Kerbing and Edging

Add Class to Your Car Park with Rubber Kerbs

Enviro car park rubber kerbs and edges are an innovative way to avoid the use of standard concrete. Specifically designed for the car park, our rubber kerbing product is springier than concrete so avoids potential damage to cars. Also, there’ll be none of that crumbling concrete seen in so many car parks across Australia, just sleek, black rubber made from 100 per cent recycled tyres.

Save Money with a Lighter Product

Our rubber kerbs are much lighter than their concrete cousins so it is important to bear in mind how much easier it will be to outfit your car park. Freight costs and installation will be lighter both on the wallet and the back; and repositioning or removing the kerbs will also be a simple process.

Curb Your Use of Concrete

Installing our rubber kerbs, speed humps and wheelchair ramps in your car park will significantly reduce the amount of concrete required for the project. This will save resources while finding a new use for a waste item. Each year more than 18 million tyres are discarded across Australia. Supporting products made from 100% recycled tyres is an excellent way to reduce waste going to landfill.

Sizes to Suit All Needs

Car park rubber kerbs are available in two standard sizes:

Envirorubber Kerbing

If these sizes do not meet your needs, customised solution is always available. We want to you have the perfect recycled rubber product to meet your requirements.

Features of Car Park Kerbs

To discuss your requirements for Enviro Rubber’s car park kerbs and edges, speed humps and wheelchair ramps, phone (03) 9909 5371 or contact us online.