Envirorubber Playground Matting

Durable, Soft Fall Playground Matting for Playtime with a Bit of Bounce

Rubber playground mats are a practical alternative to grass, tanbark, concrete or other surfaces often used in children’s areas. Similar to our anti-fatigue mats, and also known as soft fall, playground matting provides a clean, weather-resistant and safe surface on which children can play and exercise in parks, schools and backyards. In their sometimes reckless desire for new experiences, children subject their bodies to wear-and-tear as they learn about living and existing in the world. Covering a play area with Enviro Rubber flooring will ensure that your child enjoys all the advantages of this journey on a durable and supportive surface that will be a little more forgiving on falls.

Suitable for All Areas

Playground matting can be made to measure to fit most spaces and specifications. The rubber mats can be laid over most existing surfaces such as tanbark, concrete, bare earth, grass or any stable surface providing a smooth and level surface. Our recommended thickness of 10mm provides ample support for young legs and will suit most applications. Enviro products are also built for long-lasting durability to withstand weather in some of the harshest climates.

Made From Recycled Tyres

All our products are manufactured from 100 per cent recycled rubber tyres; it’s an inexpensive way to reuse some of the 18 million tyres discarded in Australia every year. Rubber is a very malleable substance and provides an excellent material for customisable rubber products such as playground matting. The added bonus is that your children will be excited that their play mat had a previous life on the road attached to a car or truck.

Features of Playground Matting

  • Made from 100% recycled tyres
  • Weather resistant
  • Made to measure
  • Available in a range of colors
  • Suitable for home, commercial and public areas
  • Easy to clean and move

To order playground matting, please don’t hesitate to phone Enviro Rubber on (03) 9555 2964 or contact us online.