Envirorubber Speed cushions

Cushion your Goods from Speed & Jolts

Our recycled rubber speed cushions provide a simple and long-lasting solution to safety issues in factories and industrial estates. Speed cushions differ from speed humps in their shape and design, aiming to slow any traffic without creating a jolt to the driver, passengers or goods being transported. This traffic-calming measure will ensure that your workers don’t hurry on the job in areas of high risk.

Speed Cushions of Different Sizes

Our traffic-calming cushions are made in two sizes:

Make an Environmentally Responsible Purchase

Reducing our impact on the Earth is the responsibility of businesses as well as consumers. At Enviro Rubber we pride ourselves on manufacturing quality and customisable rubber solutions produced from 100% recycled tyres. Ever since the first use of the rubber tyre on two and four-wheeled vehicles the problem of what to do with the ever-increasing stockpile of used tyres has lingered. Due to rubber’s ability to be melted-down and reused almost infinitesimally, Enviro can continue to develop and produce useful products for today’s needs recycling yesterday’s tyres.

Features of Our Speed Cushions

For more information on our speed cushions, speed humps or any of our other recycled rubber flooring options, contact us online or call (03) 9909 5371.