Envirorubber Speed Humps

Stop Those Speed Demons with Enviro Speed Humps!

Traffic-calming devices have become a necessity to ensure vehicle and pedestrian safety on private and public roads as well as any access routes. Made from 100 per cent recycled rubber tyres, Enviro speed humps are designed to reduce the velocity of traffic without damaging low-slung vehicles. They can be glued or bolted to most flat surfaces and can endure the elements as well as the most taxing man-made environments.

Are Rubber Speed Humps Bouncy?

This product is different to many of our other springy rubber products – the density of the material used to fabricate the individual units is more heavy duty. It is specifically built to survive the repeated impact of cars, trucks, trailers and plant equipment.

Customisable & Reusable

Enviro speed humps are available in a standard size of 1500mm long x 350mm wide x 60mm high. Installing an individual hump is a simple process using either an industrial adhesive or bolts to fix the unit to the ground. Units are reusable and can be moved or rearranged easily.

Features of Speed Humps

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