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Envirorubber™ is an Australian owned and operated company based in Keysborough, Victoria. We’re proud to be working with a recycled product, providing high-quality long-lasting products such as anti-fatigue mats to our clients throughout Australia for more than 20 years, constantly testing and developing new solutions. 

With 30 years of industry expertise, and our background of qualified building and fabrication experience Envirorubber™ Solutions has grown to become Australia largest manufacturer and wholesale supply of recycled rubber products.


All our products are produced from 100% recycled rubber tyres, which are one of the world’s major waste items. We source our used tyres from Australian suppliers and they are delivered to us ground up into tiny pellets.

There are several major benefits to recycling tyres:


We are a family-run business that genuinely cares for the safety and equality access for all. We place great focus on customer satisfaction and we have valued innovation and customer service as being the cornerstones of our business since 1992.

All our products can be custom made to meet specific needs. Consultation throughout the planning, development and implementation stages, helps us to develop a strong relationship of trust and transparency with our customers.

As our products are intended for long-term use, it’s extremely important that we develop and manufacture products that will continue to be useful for years to come. We are passionate about supporting our customers, committed to quality, ethics and innovation and are proud to be the preferred wholesale supplier for national resellers. 

Envirorubber™ looks forward to providing recycled rubber solutions for your unique requirements. Please contact us or call (03) 9909 5371 for more information.